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For my final project I finished it up today, and it definitely took a lot of work.

My final project was a photo transfer of images taken from the line and put onto leaves gathered from the ten different sections. My first intent and try at the project was to take the images and put them on the leaves, with hopes that the paper would then come right off. Well that did not go as plan and I had to do some improvising.

With a mod podge transfer it requires a few set of steps. A piece of paper is covered with a thin layer of elmers glue and what ever the object is, in my case dry leaves, a thin layer of mod podge is put on them. The images get printed onto the glue side of the paper and then cut and placed onto the objects. My first go at the piece, the paper easily came off and left the images behind. In the case of me working on my final project, the paper would not come off as easily and instead I had to think of something else to do. With a previous trial I noticed that the leaf part could come off and the glue left behind was in the shape of the leaf. I got the idea to then peal away parts of the leaf so the image could then be viewable.

My final project focused on the word Tiny and a relationship with the line that we have been working on. I decided to print the panoramic photos on the leaves to show the relationship between the tiny objects and the huge line since the tiny objects make the line what it is. I used string to connect all of the leaves to show that together they work as one, are all connected, and make up the line.


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