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This experience was done by going on a tour created by another freshmen foundation student

Since the assignment for our personal territory tour required us all to make a tour kit we knew, at least a bit of, what was going to happen. Once arriving in the studio today for class, we paired up with a friend to make a group of two. After everyone was paired up we then had to pair up with another pair, to make a group of four. Everyone had to switch tour kits and then we had an hour and a half to complete the tour that we were given.

My new tour kit:

On my tour she led me to the gym where I was then given three activities to participate in.

Although there were not many moveable objects in the room I still managed to find everything to fill out the three different activity requirements.

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After creating my own tour and then experiencing another individuals tour, it was interesting to see how the activities made me see “more” of what was around me. I had to get up from the mat I was sitting on and explore was was there, but just hidden. I found different textures, small objects, and different shapes within the gym. I was able to see the room with a bran new pair of eyes that were able to pick up everything in site.

The activities I had to do required me to make rubbings, find different shapes and find different objects. Without the activities I never would have experienced the tour in the way I did.


My first kit I have ever made, for anything!

This is the kit I made for my personal territory tour.

For part of the assignment on Personal Territory Tour we had to make a kit that an individual going on the tour could use. For my kit, the way I designed it, I decided to let the viewer have a little more lean way with experiencing what I did. Inside my kit I included: a umbrella, snacks, a water bottle, a blanket and a trash bag. The way I designed the kit was for the individual to be able to experience the life around them as they take in everything they can. Included in the kit as well are two sheets of paper numbered to 20. On my experience I found it very interesting how much I was able to see beyond the leaves and water while writing the “50 things.” I decided to use 25, since it’s past 10 so they have to work a bit harder, but still have time just to sit and listen to the new world around them.

Using other “materials” besides a paint brush to pain was very interesting.

For my second exploration I chose to do, I took my found objects from my area and tried painting with them on separate note cards. Most (as seen below) can be distinguished as being blobs, with no direct artistic design. It was definitely harder than expected since I am, personally, really used to painting and controlling a paintbrush. This was definitely the first time I painted with any of theses objects, ever!

Although they do look funny, and as if a 5 year old painted them, it was definitely a fun experience to try out. I got to understand how each individual item worked, and throughout the time I painted with each one, I understood it a bit better. This was especially a cool exploration since I decided to use the items I found during my personal territory tour. Using the individual objects gave me a better understanding of what my territory held. I learned how the branch was so delicate in my hand and it was translated onto the page in very delicate points of paint. That experience was expressed throughout all of the objects I used.

This was the exploration I decided to do while learning about my personal territory.

For this specific exploration I had to find as many “tree things” as I could. This ranged (from looking at the pictures posted below) to small branches, to fallen leaves to little seed pods. The way I decided to approach this was once I found different objects to represent each part of the tree I brought them back to my dorm room and photographed each one.

The individual objects I have begun to gather from my territory:

Before I took the photos I had to figure out exactly how they were going to be set up. Using the items I found, I decided to group them on “similarities”. (i.e: leaves, branches, seeds) I decided to document them like this to show how even though each object may be different, they all hold commonalities within each section. While feeling each object, I found an interesting way to view each one. I closed my eyes, after setting the objects on the floor in a “tree” shape, and slowly felt each individual item. Surprisingly my mind was able to recreate and picture a tree right in front of me. I was able to distinguish the bark from the seeds to the branch.

Collecting the items also told me, with more detail, about the area I had chosen for my personal territory. While picking up the items I was able to infer the trees that had been planted there many years before. The same kinds of seeds scattered the floor below me as well as small branches and leaves.

It was interesting to see what I could learn about a single area just by taking a few minutes to stop and “look”…

My personal territory, I definitely like the sound of that.

Personal: Definition from Google.

Territory: ” ”

Well for my next assignment my class was given the directions of making/ marking our own “Personal Territory.”Of course I had no idea exactly what they meant by my own personal territory, but after doing some explorations and reading the definitions above, I think I got a pretty good idea about what it meant/is.

I decided to take a walk down to the bride on Saxon drive and venture under to where the tunnel is. The first thing I decided to do was write down “50 “things” I noticed while sitting on the small wall. They consisted of:

1. I can hear the water running behind me. 2. My butt is really cold. 3. It smells fresh, like “cool”. 4. The leaves floating by in the water look like mini rafts. 5. The whole area has an “orange” tint. 6. It’s chilly. 7. The wall I’m leaning against is cool against my arm. 8. Marissa’s voice echos behind me in the tunnel. 9. Looking at the leaves it looks like a rug…so many shades of yellow. 10. I see trash, that’s not very good. 11. I can hear the “two” different sounds of water running. 12. It’s so much colder in the tunnel. 13. Dirt! Dirt everywhere! 14.Even though I’m still on campus I feel…separated. 15. Lots of seeds on the ground yet no tree is directly above me. 16. The rock sculptures are each unique. 17. Even though the leaves are the same shape and color, no two are identically alike. 18. My hand is starting to get really cold. 19. I definitely smell something sweet. 20. I can’t see the sky so well, the tree leaves are my sky. 21. The texture of the water running is so orderly. 22. I can see the reflection from above me, below me. 23. It’s almost like a giant river, but for smaller animals. 24. The really wet leaves look like mud, composting. 25. The breeze from the tunnel gives me chills. 26. The cool air goes down my neck, tickling my spine. 27. So many shades of green! 28. The water is never ending, never stopping. 29. The designs from the roots coming out of the hillside are very… specific. 30. My own voice echos in the tunnel. 31. The worker looks cold, so bundled up. 32. Not many people go past this area, do people know? 33. I can hear cars still, or is that a lawn mower? 34. My feet are frozen, remember to dress warm next time. 35. I never realized how many rocks there are around here. Big and small! 36. The tunnels look identical, yet different at the same time. 37. People definitely know about this place, there is graffiti. 39. Seems to be the only one kind of tree grows around here. 40. It smells like a bonfire now, like I’m sitting around the fire pit at my camp again. 41. I like how they planted trees to go with the already planted trees. 42. The slightest gust of wind makes it rain leaves. 43. Even though the leaves are falling, the look so beautiful and graceful.  44. They float and dance as they fall from the branches (the leaves). 45. The leaves look like they want to fly, jumping at every little gust they can. 46. The sun is cut through the gapes of the tree branches. 47. It’s still very quiet, except for the “nature” sounds. 48. I have yet to see an animal, of any kind. 49. Same color palate for the entire area…earth tones. 50. Has this ever filled with water completely?

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Throughout my whole experience of finding and claiming my own personal territory, it showed me a lot about the little things you can find while taking time to learn about a specific area. Without taking the time to sit and just watch the water, or even make multiple visits to the area I would not know what I do know about the small secluded wonder land.

Throughout the “average” day, many items get used from waking up to going back to sleep. Besides the items that get used only once, there are the items such as shoes and clothes, backpacks and phones that get used constantly.

For this exploration I had to document every item that gets used throughout my day. I decided to document the items through using photography since it’s my main passion when it comes to art. Documenting everything I used throughout the day “everyday objects” really showed how many different things come into contact with me.

The objects I photographed ranged from my boots, to the bathroom sign, to my phone and radio.

Though there are so many objects that get used daily, I definitely did not capture them all. Like my previous exploration, which can be found here it’s a lot harder than I expected to constantly document what gets used daily. Knowing that I did have to try and remember to document everything made me more aware of what was being used and what was not. It made me realize how many other things are around me that do not get used, or only got used once.

More pictures of the objects can be found below:

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More pictures will be added through my foundations experience.

It’s interesting to think how many multi-use items only get used once…

I have never taken into consideration how much I can use in one whole day. Keeping track of what I consume or purchase in a single day can really show an individuals personality.

For one day, that day being today, I kept a note card of everything I consumed and bought. At some moments I actually forgot to write down what I ate because I’m so used to not having to keep track of everything. The list can really show the range of things that individuals consume, to what gets bought online. For my list it included both food and clothing items.

Food: Chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, caesar dressing, chili, saltine crackers, Fuze Raspberry Ice tea, Cranberry Juice and Pizza, vanilla Gelato.

Clothing (only from Urban Outfitters): 2 pairs of black leggings, 2 flannels, 1 t-shirt, 1-crop top.

Since the day has finished it was definitely interesting to see what I consumed throughout it. Looking at the list it seems so simple yet shows so much of who I am and the kind of society I live in. The single note card says a lot about where I live and what I personally like. Though at some points it was a struggle to remember to record everything, I got used to it a little more than half way through the day. Since I was new to the whole “recording everything I consume”, it shows how today’s society, well the one I live in, does not really acknowledge everything we do. If I did not write down everything I ate or even bought today, I would without a doubt forgot half of it tomorrow.

It’s cool to see how little things can make you think about everything in a whole new way…

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